Friday, September 14, 2012

100 Doors X 21 - 30 walkthrough

100 Doors X released new set of levels just a few days ago which includes levels 21 to 30. This app is not just for the iOS devices like iphone and ipod touch but you can also get it for your Android phone or device. Anyway, I've written a guide to beating this puzzle game and embedded some helpful videos too.

Level 21:
Tap axe, door.
Tap mask, oil can then door.
Tap people, axe, tree, car then door and you are done.

Level 22:
This level is pretty easy. Tap the wall images in this order: fish, boat, man, bird, plane and moon.

Level 23:
Another quick level but it's quite challenging because math. Tap numeric keys on the door to make numbers: (top)21 and (bottom)13.

Level 24:
100 Doors X 21 - 30 walkthrough.First, set the clock to 10:10. Point the long hand of the clock to 2 while the short hand just past 10. Tap lever and the door should open.

Level 25:
This one is pretty tricky but the solution is quite easy. Just tap the word "open" located on the top row in the very middle part.

Level 26:
Tap and swipe down across all the four eyes for them to close. Tap key then tap activate. Finally, tap door to open.

Level 27:
Tap restart button 3 times. It is the green half circular arrow that the bottom right of the screen.

Level 28:
Tap bell then quickly tap sword. It will go to your inventory slots. Tap the sword to use it. Tap devil seven times.

Level 29:
Just tap these numbers in the exact order as: 2,8,2,9,3,0.

Level 30:
shake your device to spill white blades. Tap those white blades to bring them to inventory. Tap them again to use them. Tap the fan and swipe in a clockwise direction. Tap the door and it should open.

That completes our 100 Doors X walkthrough for levels 21 to 30, folks. Hope it helps. And always remember to keep on sharing!

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