Friday, August 3, 2012

Zombie Situation Ending Walkthrough

What would you do in a Zombie Situation? Of course you would pack some guns and shoot your way to survival, right? This game by Elliot Pace is just about that.

The player plays as Jack who who one day finds himself in a situation where the dead walks and tries to eat the brains of the living. Jack needs to rendezvous with Sarah in the grocery store and fight off wave after waves of zombie using different kinds of guns. You will get freeze ray and laser beam weapons later in the game.
Zombie Situation Walkthrough and Ending.

This game features a story mode where you play and learn some story while following the journey of three characters. It also has a survival mode where you can test how long you can last before you get overrun - only unlockable after you complete the story mode. Meanwhile, here is a video of me beating Zombie Situation and showing the game's ending.

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