Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Flash Bash Walkthrough: Challenges and Secret Characters

Flash Bash is a classic street fighter style brawler game from Godlimation. It's a compilation of godlimations characters formed into brawler death match game where the player must take down his opponet before it takes him down first. Characters are consists of Amea, Dan Mcneely, Dragon Boy, Melinka, Amano, Atal, Luemas, Dragon King and Zombie Inglor.

Melinka the boxer on roller skates and Atal the spear wielding warrior can only be unlocked by completing arcade in hard mode and completing all the challenges. The combos are awesome but sometimes when you try accomplish a challenge, they get a little off, for instance; uppercuts does not throw the enemy high enough if you have the dummy cornered in the side of the screen.

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Anyways, here's Flash Bash walkthrough for all characters challenge video that Godlimations provided, it will give you ideas how challenges are supposed to be done. Pay attention to the timing, in some combo strings it is very important so your combos will connect.

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