Thursday, August 2, 2012

Donkey Sean Walkthrough

Donkey Sean is a physics based puzzle game from Freegamepick. It is a platforming puzzle where you must guide three animals namely, big donkey, medium goat and small owl. The objective is simple: get all three characters to the right side of each level. In most levels, you have to have them work together in order to overcome obstacles in the way.

Its consist of 24 levels with progressing level of difficulty. The visuals and graphics are neat enough to be well appreciated in iOS devices such as iphone and ipad but the physics elements can use some improvements. It's not that all messed up, its just in some levels you can get stuck at the edges of platforms.
Donkey Sean Game Walkthrough.

I don't know if its a glitch or the problem might be at my end i.e. browser issue. Needless to say, this game can be rated as okay to moderately cool in my humble opinion, I must commend the funny voice acting, though. Here is Donkey Sean walkthrough revealing some tricks to beat all levels.

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