Sunday, August 12, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 4 by Vifer

Alright, here is the fourth part of my gameplay walkthrough for FlyAnvil's Decision 2, a top down zombie shooter game. Apparently, this game rocks harder than I thought. The thrill and action gets more intense as you control new areas. New weapons and upgrades are quite tasty but you can't have them just like that -- you will have to find warehouses in order to get new weapons and skills and finding them is not a walk in the park when the danger level is on the rise.

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 4.One good strategy is to "clean up" an area when the danger level gets close to 70%. It will greatly decrease the threat. Also try to find warehouses during first recon in the area, it will save you some time in the future. For extra money, try shooting all explosive barrels that you will see, they will earn you 100 each.

Alright, here is Decision 2 walkthrough part 4 by me, Vifer, showing why shotgun is your best friend in the game and also revealing some ATM locations. I will post the next parts of my gameplay and will also log here other tips and tricks that I learn.

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