Wednesday, August 1, 2012

100% Complete Walkthrough Shows All Items Location

This is game called 100% Complete by NoLanLabs is so easy to win; just a few jumps to the right and you will find the door. Just kidding, you will have to find all items to call it a successful game over. It's about finding items hidden in secret places that are only accessible through movable blocks on walls.

To make it easier, I suggest that you find the helicopter cap and green eye glasses first. The copter cap will allow you to literally fly and reach high places while the green shades will allow you to easily determine movable blocks form regular walls.

"100% Complete Game"

There are 50 hidden items to find here which all of them is found by me shown in my video of 100% Complete walkthrough. It took me about 30 minutes to find all of them then I played the game again finding the copter cap and glasses first made it easier to beat. Anyways, the video of me revealing all items location in the game comes next.

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