Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Awesome Tanks 2 Game Walkthrough

A question for the kids of the 80's and 90's: What's cooler than Battle City? The answer might be Awesome Tanks 2 by Alexander Gette because its a tap down tank battle with more than one weapon type, more firepower, upgrades and power ups. You also have to face different types of enemy tanks with different capabilities.
The fog of war adds up to the surprise elements and gives the player some adrenaline rush. I almost break the mouse button to return fire when that laser firing enemy came at me from nowhere.

Awesome Tanks 2 Game Walkthrough.There are fifteen levels in this game but don't you think it's kind of few to to be action packed, because chances are you will repeat previously completed levels to grind for money just so you can buy the upgrades you need so you can face the enemies head on in the later levels.

The gameplay, basically is shoot em and dodge. Move with WASD keys and mouse to aim and fire your weapons. Pressing spacebar will switch to the next weapon but alternatively you can use Q and E to cycle through them. Press shift to lay mines. You can play this game on Kongregate. Meanwhile, here is Awesome Tanks 2 walkthrough where you might get some tips and tricks in beating the game.

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