Saturday, June 29, 2019

Dyrroth Best Build For Rank Game in Mobile Legends

Dyrroth is the newest addition to the ever growing list of heroes in the popular mobile game Mobile Legends Bang Bang. This new hero is a fighter type with interesting and awesome abilities.

Dyrroth Best Build Mobile Legends

Every hero has different attributes and different built in passive abilities which a player must take into consideration before buying items. Some heroes have special damage effects or buffs and some have damage reduction such as shields. But Dyrroth's passive ability, which is called the Wrath of the Abyss, is quite interesting.

Not only it deals special damage, it also grants life steal effect which regenerates HP for Dyrroth while decreasing the cool down time of his first and second skill (Burst Strike & Spectre Step).

To harness its full potential, though, you must build the right items.

Again, you should consider his passive abilities when building items so you might want to buy items that enhances lifesteal and attack speed. Currently, the top global Dyrroth user uses the following item build:

Beast Killer - This is a jungling item which increases defense and casts slow effect on enemies during battle. It's mainly for defense since Dyrroth is kind of a softboi.

Warrior Boots - Aside from mobility, this is also for added defense.

Demon Hunter Sword - This item enhances your attack speed meaning you will be able to charge or stack your passive ability more quickly and it also enhances your life steal capability up to 20%.

Scarlet Phantom - This item further increases your attack speed and chances of dealing critical damage to enemy heroes.

Berserker's Fury - This item enables your hero to deal critical damage more often.

Queen's Wing - This is a defense item that greatly increase your health points and it also increases your life steal effect and reduces damage taken by 50% when your HP is below 40%.

The above items is what the current global top 1 Dyrroth user uses which boasts a whopping 78% win rate in rank mode.

That's it for the Dyrroth Best Build for Rank Game in Mobile Legends which I hope will help you win more in battles.