Thursday, March 2, 2017

Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

Nowhere Lost Memories is a new first person mystery adventure game developed by Miguel Angel Alosete for iOS devices and hopefully soon for Android as well. It's quite and immersive game for a mobile game with it's 3D graphics.
Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

This app lets you delve into a strange place where you have to explore each area if you are to complete it. There are puzzles to solve utilizing the in-game objects at hand. But beware, exploring strange places can give you the creeps because, well, according to the backstory of the game you are not the only one who has been there. There is 'something dark' hidden in there. So enjoy.

Anyway, if you came here searching for a guide or a cheat of some sort because you are stuck in the game like many us, here's a playlist I've compiled that would pass for a Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough which I intend to update as soon as full game playthrough gameplay is found.

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