Saturday, March 11, 2017

Blue Hut Escape walkthrough review

Blue Hut Escape is another new point and click room escape game from G4K. In this game your goal is to break out from a strange Blue Hut in a deserted resort.
Blue Hut Escape walkthrough.

Apparently, you were just chilling in the said resort but somehow you've lost your keys and ended up being trapped inside it. There is no one to help you so you have to find a way out by finding neccessary items and solving puzzles. Some items are hidden well around the place so stay sharp. The puzzles can prove difficult to solve especially if you are new to playing this type of games.

As for the gameplay, I have to commend the artwork style which makes the items and objects in the game easy to recognize. The drawing or artwork can sometimes be the one factor to solve these kind of games. I mean, you wouldn't know what to do with an object that you don't even know what it is right?

If you came here looking for the Blue Hut Escape walkthrough by G4K please help yourself to the full gameplay video below.

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