Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Wedding Hall Escape walkthrough and review

Wedding Hall Escape is another point and click puzzle game developed by Games2Rule playable on web browsers. In this game, your goal is to find the exit by solving riddles and puzzles. In most cases, you will have to first find and pick up items that is needed to open doors and secret compartments.

Wedding Hall Escape walkthrough.

This game features colorful minimalist art style which is a good for this kind of game. Many room-escape games uses not-so-good art style which often makes it harder for the player to recognize some items.

As for the game's difficulty level, I can say that this one falls under intermediate that can give even the seasoned escape game enthusiast some challenge. If you are new to this type of game I suggest that you use the Wedding Hall Escape walkthrough below when you get really stuck at some point in the game.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Classical Concert Answers

Love Nikki Dress up Queen has an on going event right now which will run from August 31, 2017 and will last until September 4th. It's a special event with lots of content. It features the Sky Capriccio, Monochrome Symphony and Clarinet Concerto sets and it has its own event map.

Love Nikki Classical Concert answers.

There are 5 stages featured in this event and two of them are quiz stages where you will have to answer questions relating to music and musical instruments. If you are having difficulties getting past these quiz stages, you may use the questions and answers listed below for reference or, you know, a cheat of some sort.

LNDUQCC Event Stage 1 and 2 Q&A:

Q: Bassoons belong to which family of woodwind instruments?
A: Double Reed

Q: Which of the following is called the “queen of instruments”?
A: Violin

Q: Which of the following is called the “king of instruments”?
A:  Piano

Q: Which of the following is referred to as the “heart of the symphony”?
A: Strings

Q: Which of the following is not a brass instrument?
A: Flute

Q: Which of the following is not a woodwind instrument?
A: French Horn

Q: How many keys does a piano have?
A: 88

Q: To which instrument family does the clarinet belong?
A: Single Reed

Q: Which instrument has 6 strings?
A: Guitar

Q: Which string instrument must be played standing up?
A: Bass

Q: Do you know what instrument is referred to as the “black pipe”?
A: Clarinet/Single Reed

Q: In classical music, what is the term for musical composition that consists of only a single movement?
A: Symphonic poem

Q: What is the term for musical notes that are off-beat?
A: Syncopation

Q: Which of the instruments are not a western classical instrument?
A: Chinese lute

Q: Which of the following is not a necessary part of music?
A: Lyrics

Q: Which of the following instruments are not played by plucking?
A: Flute

Q: What is the term for a musical composition that consists of a solo instrument and a symphony?
A: Concerto

Q: Round dances are also called…?
A: Waltz

Q: Which instruments in a symphony has the tallest structure, the highest pitch, and the most complex expression?
A: Bass, piccolo, violin

Q: What is the simplest wind instrument?
A: Harmonica

Q: Who won one of King Sayet’s three legacies?
A: Hostess L

Q: What is the condition for unlocking the next stage?
A: A rating of C or above

Q: How many Pink Wings are needed to evolve?
A: 4

Q: Which chapter on the Miraland has the first side quest?
A: 2

That's about it for the quiz stages in the event. I hope the Love Nikki Dress Up Queen Classical Concert Answers above helps you complete the event.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little Alchemy 2 Cheats: Elements Combination List Walkthrough

Little Alchemy 2 is a point and click sandbox puzzle game developed by Recloak for browser and mobile devices. As the title suggests, it's already the second sequel to the original hit game a few years back.

Little Alchemy 2 Cheats Elements Combination List walkthrough.

In this game, your goal is to create the world starting from the basic elements. Combine items to make a new object until you make all 663 items. It may sound simple but it can prove difficult and frustrating when you get stuck which you will and the in game hints system won't help you much specially when you've just started.

Since I enjoy playing this game and its predecessor so much, I figured I will  make a list of elements combination guide. The element list below is in no particular order.

air + air = pressure

pressure + earth = stone

stone + earth = land

air + land = dust

earth + fire = lava

lava + earth = volcano

land + earth = continent

continent + continent = planet

planet + planet = solar system

solar system + solar system = galaxy

galaxy + galaxy = galaxy cluster

galaxy cluster + galaxy cluster = universe

pressure + stone = granite

air + fire = smoke

fire + fire = energy

energy + air = heat

air + heat = warmth

heat + heat = plasma

volcano + pressure = eruption (unlocks explotion)

explosion + energy = atomic bomb

water + water = puddle

puddle + puddle = pond

pond + pond = lake

lake + lake = sea

sea + sea = ocean

stone + stone = wall

wall + wall = house

House + house = village

Village + village = city

dust + fire = gunpowder

planet + air = atmosphere

Ocean + Volcano = Island

Island + Sea = Archipelago

Planet + Fire = Sun

Sun + Energy = Solar Cell

Sun + Stone = Meteoroid

Meteoroid + Atmosphere = Meteor

Ocean + Meteor = Tsunami

City + Air = Smog

Atmosphere + Sun = Sky

Sky + Sun = Day

Sun + Explosion = Supernova

Stone + Sky = Moon

Moon + Sky = Night

Night + Day = Twilight

Light + Metal = Gold

Metal = Gold = Safe

Water + Sun = Rainbow

Sun + Moon = Eclipse

Heat + Water = Steam

Steam + Air = Mist

Mist + Sky = Cloud

Sky + Ocean = Horizon

Cloud + Energy = Lightning

Lightning + Lake = Life

Earth + Ocean = Primordial Soup

Life + Land = Animal

Animal + Moon = Wolf

Wolf + Ocean = Shark

Storm + Storm = Tornado

Anima + Air = Bird

Motion + Air = Wind

Wind + Metal = Rust

Moon + Ocean = Tide

Life + Primordial Soup = Bacteria

City + Bird = Pigeon

Lan + Animal = Horse

Horse + Rainbow = Unicorn

Wind + House = Windmill

Lightning + Metal = Electricity

Electricity + Windmill = Wind Turbine

Earth + Cloud = Fog

Explosion + Atmosphere = Fireworks

Ocean + Wind = Wave

Sea + Life = Plankton

Fire + Life = Phoenix

Stone + Motion = Wheel

Sun + Sea = Salt

Water + Animal = Fish

Bird + Bird = Egg

Metal + Land = Plow

Land + Plow = Field

Field + Village = Park

Field + House = Barn

Barn + House = Farm

Farm + Bird = Chicken

Chicken + Animal = Fox

Wolf + Farm = Dog

Time + Animal = Human / Sloth

Human + Animal = Domestication

Animal + Domestication = Livestock

Livestock + Barn = Cow

Cow + Human = Minotaur

Human + Gold = Alchemist

Time + Human = Corpse

Alchemist + Corpse = Death

Air + Stone = Sand

Fire + Sand = Glass

Glass + Sky = Telescope

Telescope + Human = Scientist

Scientist + Air = Gas

Bird + Human = Angel

Human + Bacteria = Sickness

Corpse + Scientist = Organic Matter

Organic Matter + Earth = Mineral

Organic Matter + Fire = Charcoal

Human + Metal = Tool

Tool + Took = Machine

Human + Machine = Engineer

Machine + Time = Clock

Clocl + Human = Watch

Human + Human = Love

Cloud + Water = Rain

Human + Rain = Cold

Bacteria + Alchemist = Small

Universe + Alchemist = Big

Big + Stone = Boulder

Small + Boulder = Rock

Big + Boulder = Hill

Hill + Hill = Mountain

Mountain + Mountain = Mountain Range

Earth + Motion = Earthquake

Cold + Electricity = Fridge

Engineer + Engineer = Idea

Organic Matter + Pressure = Coal

Air + Cold = Chill

Human + Fish = Mermaid

Human + Wolf = Werewolf

Cold + Water = Ice

House + Ice = Igloo

Human + Plow = Farmer

Farmer + Field = Vegetable

Vegetable + Farmer = Pumpkin

Vegetable + Human = Cook

Farmer + Cow = Milk

Milk + Cook = Cheese

Vegetable + Bacteria = Mold

Mold + Scientist = Penicillin

Wheel + Wheel = Bicycle

Bicycle + Machine = Motorcycle

Bird + Metal = Airplane

Milk + Animal = Cat

Motorcycle + Motorcycle = Car

Car + Car = Bus

Pressure + Sun = Black Hole

Bicycle + Human = Cyclist

Human + Lake = Sailor

Human + Airplane = Pilot

Galaxy + Life= Alien

Water + Vegetable = Juice

Rainbow + water = Paint

Soil + Water = Mud

Corpse + Field = Grave

Air + Big + Gust

Cloud + Ice = Hail

Lake + Motion = river

Animal + Cold = Lizard

Lizard + River = Alligator

Sky + Night = Star

Metal + Star = Shuriken

Metal + Stone = Blade

Blade + Glass = Blender

Sand + Sand = Desert

Stone + Desert = Pyramid

Human + Pyramid = Mummy

Sky + Star = Space

Space + Human = Astronaut

Sickness + House = Hospital

Human + Hospital = Doctor

Doctor + Blade = Scalpel

Airplane + Atmosphere = Rocket

Rocket + Alien = UFO

Egg + Clock = Egg Timer

Fish + Unicorn = Narwhal

Metal + Life = Robot

Robot + Airplane = Drone

Robot + Astronaut = Cyborg

Corpse + Life = Zombie

Egg + Pond = Frog

Human + Blade = Blood

Human + Blood = Vampire

Human + Shuriken = Ninja

Rain + Cold = Snow

Snow + Motorcycle = Snowmobile

Sand + Wind = Dune

Dune + Animal = Camel / Scorpion

Metal + Wolf = Cage

Cloud + Planet = Jupiter

Livestock + Hill = Goat / Sheep

Tool + Sheep = Wool

Lizard + Time = Dinosaur

Dinosaur + Air = Pterodactyl

Sand + Egg = Turtle

Ocean + Sand = Beach

Mountain + Goat = Mountain Goat

Gunpowder + Metal = Bullet

Bullet + Metal = Gun

Space + House = Space Station

Tool + Wool = Sweater

Water + Lava = Obsidian

Fire + Human = Fireman

Fire + Juice = Sugar

Fireman + Car = Firetruck

Glass + Metal = Glasses / Mirror

Snow + Glasess = Ski Goggles

Human + Ski Goggles = Skier

Pond + Human = Swimmer

Fire + Mineral = Ash

Sun + Wheel = Sundial

Human + Snow = Snowman / Snowball

Snowman + Vegetable = Carrot

Time + Corpse = Bone / Skeleton

Alchemist + Safe = Container

Container + Air = Scuba Tank

Turtly + Ninja = Ninja Turtle

Dog + Snow = Husky

Light + Glass = Light Bulb

Milk + Pressure = Butter

Pressure + Coal = Diamond

Metal + Diamond = Ring

Ring + Volcano = The One Ring

Bird + Sea = Seagull

Tool + Rain = Umbrella

Livestock + Tool = Meat

Glass + Bacteria = Microscope

Rain + Smoke = Acid Rain

Blood + Fish = Piranha

Ocean + Tornado = Hurricane

Cheese + Animal = Mouse

Grave + Stone = Gravestone

Tool + Fish = Fishing Rod

Human + Fishing Rod = Angler

Dinosaur + City = Godzilla

Lava + Scientist = Magma

Gun + Fire = Flamethrower

Animal + Ice = Polar Bear

Metal + Charcoal = Steel

Chicken + Bone = Chicken Wing

Blade + Blade = Scissors

Planet + Small = Mercury

Milk + Container = Bottle

Airplane + Container = Hangar

Earthquake + Snow = Avalanche

Tool + Metal = Hammer

Hammer + Boulder = Statue / Ore

Mountain + Sheep = Alpaca

Glasses + Sun = Sunglasses

Planet + Acid Rain = Venus

Sun + Meat = Jerky

Stone + Small = Pebble

House + Gold = Bank

Container + Bus = Garage

Farmer + Car = Tractor

Horse + River = Hippo

House + Wolf = Cave

San + Glass = Hourglass

Electricity + Metal = Wire

Wire + Gunpowder = Dynamite

Cold + Milk = Ice Cream

This has become a rather lengthy post so I will break it up into multiple part. That way it will load faster on whatever device you're reading this. So let this be the part first part of our Little Alchemy 2 cheats and combination list walkthrough and just keep going back here for the updates.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Heroes Evolved Diana basic build gameplay walkthrough

So I recently started playing Heroes Evolved a moba game just like Mobile Legends Bang Bang. I can say that it's as good as ML but with smoother gameplay. But I think it's just because that it only has 2 million players as of pres time and ML has way more than that.
Heroes Evolved Diana basic build.

I've played more or less 15 matches in the game and one of my favorite heroes so far is Electros and Diana. Diana is like the character to use to get the hang of the game and she's easy to play. Her skills are simple but quite deadly.

I used the default gear build set and for now it's working great for me as I have only one defeat so far.

Here's my Heroes Evolved's Diana gameplay highlights:

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough review

Yellow Hut Escape is Games4Kings' new point and click game again set in a deserted resort. In this game you are in a vacation galore in some far away resort famous for having different colored huts.
Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough.

You were just enjoying the peaceful place but suddenly things went awry as you managed to trapped yourself inside cottage. To make things worst, there is no one there but you. No one can hear your cries for help and if you remain trapped for so long you might end up vactaioning to the next life.

Find the items that will help you make your way out while solving intermediate to difficult puzzles along the way. That is how it's done! If you have already done everything you can and you finally give up, you can always refer to the Yellow Hut Escape walkthrough by G4K below.

Blue Hut Escape walkthrough review

Blue Hut Escape is another new point and click room escape game from G4K. In this game your goal is to break out from a strange Blue Hut in a deserted resort.
Blue Hut Escape walkthrough.

Apparently, you were just chilling in the said resort but somehow you've lost your keys and ended up being trapped inside it. There is no one to help you so you have to find a way out by finding neccessary items and solving puzzles. Some items are hidden well around the place so stay sharp. The puzzles can prove difficult to solve especially if you are new to playing this type of games.

As for the gameplay, I have to commend the artwork style which makes the items and objects in the game easy to recognize. The drawing or artwork can sometimes be the one factor to solve these kind of games. I mean, you wouldn't know what to do with an object that you don't even know what it is right?

If you came here looking for the Blue Hut Escape walkthrough by G4K please help yourself to the full gameplay video below.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Secret High School Vampire Love Story Gameplay Review

Secret High School Vampire Love Story is a new mobile game developed by Beauty Salon games targeted at young audience. It's basically a dress up game with a little story.
Secret High School Vampire Love Story.

It tells the story and romance between two teenagers who both have dark secrets. Bella Olsen, after surviving a horrible accident somehow became a vampire. She kept it a secret until a guy named Zac from school approached her and asked her out on a date.

Bella is resolved to keeping her true self a secret for fear that Zac would not like her if he'd known that she is in fact a vampire. The twist is that Zac also has a dark secret - him being a werewolf.

As for the gameplay, it's pretty generic dress up game. Controls are smooth and responsive enough. The voice acting is its strongest point. It's actually good for a dress up game. Here's the Secret High School Vampire Love Story Gameplay walkthrough if you want to see how the game is played.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nobodies Android / iPhone Walkthrough

Nobodies is a point and click or rather a tap and touch type of puzzle game developed by Blyts for Android and iOS devices such as iPhone and iPod Touch. It falls under the brain and puzzle category and has been getting a lot of praise from those who have tried it.
Nobodies walkthrough.

It's been a while since I played an escape game this good and oh I didn't know how much I miss it until I played this game and finished all levels in one sitting. It took quite some time to complete all levels because the puzzle aspect of it is clearly well thought out and it is as if it was designed by a detective.

Anyway, I know you are here in search of guide because you are stuck at some point in the game. Well, you are in luck because not only I have successfully beaten it but I have also recorded my gameplay. But here's a written guide first:

Level 1: Laboratory

1. Tap on the lab coat to obtain it.
2. Collect the pipette on the desk. It's near the test tubes.
3. Open the cabinet and use the pipette on the blue bottle on the right.
4. Use the pipette on mice.
5. Get back to the cabinet and refill the pipette with the same medicine (scopolamine).
6. Tap on the door to go to the next room but be sure you are not carrying the body of the scientist.
7. Use the pipette on the coffee machine then collect the lead pipe beside the right door.
8. Go back to the lab then go back to the next room with the guard. He is now asleep.
9. Collect the key card on the floor and use to open the red door.
10. Use the lead pipe on the valve to turn it. Tap on the valve to drain water from the aquarium.
11. Open the aquarium door and put the body of the scientist in there.
12. Close the aquarium and turn the valve to fill it with water.
13. Tap on the feed system timer beside the round viewing window. Adjust it until it says "the feeding system is set to minimum frequency".
14.Go back to the lab and tap on the aquarium. You are done. Just put everything back to its place then you are good to go.

Here's the rest of the Nobodies walkthrough guide demonstrating how to complete the rest of the levels including Hotel, House and Airport/Cabin.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough

Trollface Quest TV Shows is another point and click or tap and swipe brain teaser puzzle game from Spil Games. It's a game that puts humor at popular television shows' famous scenes.
Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough.

The goal is simple, complete the given scenario keeping in mind that you have to do it the troll way. If you have played other Trollface games in the past then you know the gist already. Anyway, if ever you got stuck at some point and you have already exhausted your hints, here's a complete Trollface Quest TV Shows walkthrough (TQTVSW) demonstrating all levels' solution.

Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

Nowhere Lost Memories is a new first person mystery adventure game developed by Miguel Angel Alosete for iOS devices and hopefully soon for Android as well. It's quite and immersive game for a mobile game with it's 3D graphics.
Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough

This app lets you delve into a strange place where you have to explore each area if you are to complete it. There are puzzles to solve utilizing the in-game objects at hand. But beware, exploring strange places can give you the creeps because, well, according to the backstory of the game you are not the only one who has been there. There is 'something dark' hidden in there. So enjoy.

Anyway, if you came here searching for a guide or a cheat of some sort because you are stuck in the game like many us, here's a playlist I've compiled that would pass for a Nowhere Lost Memories app walkthrough which I intend to update as soon as full game playthrough gameplay is found.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Most Fun and Educational Apps For Kids Collection

Here I list some of the best apps and game for kids that are both fun and educational. Being a parent of young kids myself I am always on the lookout for new kid-friendly apps since my kids learned that tablets and smartphones are a source of unlimited fun.

I have tested all the apps and games in this list and I intend to update every time I try new ones in the future.

Little Panda Green Guard

Developed by BabyBus, cute little game teaches the player to care for the environment. Play the role of a cute panda in a robot Panda suit equipped with tools and gadgets for cleaning the city.

Little Panda Green Guard app

Peppa Pig Paintbox

Everybody knows Peppa Pig and her brother George. Kids love them and with this app you can stimulate your kids' creativity with colors and paintbrush. This game is best when played on a tablet. It's available for free on both Android and iOS.

Peppa Pig Paintbox app

My Healthy Baby Panda

Another app featuring a cute little panda this time to teach your young ones proper personal hygiene. Perfect for your little ones' potty training.

Healthy Little Baby Panda app for kids

Dinosaur World

Every kid at one point will be fascinated with dinosaurs. This app teaches the names of the terrible lizards that once roamed the earth and sailed the skies. With cartoonish graphics and the help of good voice overs this app will surely keep your kid interested in pre-historic era.
Dinosaur World App

Princess Gloriosa Horse Club 2

Children loves horses and unicorns. This app is all about those pristine and magical creatures. It's a pretend play in which the player grooms and takes care of different horses and unicorns.
Princess Gloria Horse club 2 app

This page is updated every time I discover new fun and educational apps for kids so be sure to come back often or you can subscribe to the ever growing kid friendly video playlist below:

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Home Story 1971 walkthrough

Home Story 1971 is a point and click puzzle game with a 70's theme. The game is developed by Justwo and can be played at almost every flash game portal on the web such as Kongregate, Armorgames and others.
Home Story 1971 walkthrough.

In the game your objective is to find piece back together memories of the past by finding items and solving puzzles throughout the rooms. Almost all puzzles has relevance to early years of 1970's. As for the gameplay, it has all an escape game should have - decent artwork, mouse click responsiveness and interesting premise or story.

The music kind of sleepy in my opinion but maybe that's just me. Anyway, you can turn it off in the settings. The difficulty I think falls under the category of hard but not entirely impossible to beat. But if you are having trouble beating the puzzles here's Home Story 1971 walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Yi Sun-Shin Build Guide Mobile Legends

So I've been playing Mobile Legends Bang Bang and recently got one of the new heroes Yi Sun-Shin. He's a marksman and can wreak some real havoc if you use him wisely with the right gear build.
Yi Sun Shin Build Guide Mobile Legends.

After some experimenting with item build combinations I found some good build that works best for me. Before we get to the items, let me tell you that I play Yi Sun as type of support that assists my teammates because this hero relatively soft and terribly slow.

Yi Sun's skills inflicts bleeding effects to the enemies so I figured that's what I should keep in mind when choosing build items.

Build #1

Tooth Of Greed. This is item steals HP from targets. This minimizes the need to go back to base to replenish health.

Deadly Blade. This item lowers the target's regeneration rate. This helps maximize the bleeding effects of your skills.

Enchanted Talisman. This item is for mana regeneration and it also decreases the cool down of your skills. Yi Sun's last skill takes too much time to cool down so you need this item if you want to rain down deadly arrows as often as possible.

Blade Of Destruction. This item is for the damage.

Magic Shoes. Not just for additional movement speed but also helps lessen the cool down time of abilities.

Flame Of Fury. This item burns the target. Your target will not only bleed but also burns so that's twice the life drain. This is good to inflict fear and panic to enemies.

Build #2

This build I use for the damage and cooldown. With this item combinations I can play a bit of a fighter role when needed. It won't always let you win one on one with Zhao or Balmond but it gives you a fighting chance.

Fallen Sword. This is one of the best damage items there is but is quite expensive. So build it early on. It also has a lifesteal effect.

Enchanted Talisman. As mentioned it is for the cooldown time.

Deadly Blade. For lowering target's HP regeneration rate.

Hunter Strike. Not only this item grants you additional 100 physical attack but it also lessen 20% cooldown time to your abilities.

Magic Shoes. Again, for the cooldown.

Blade Of Despair. This makes your last skill very deadly. Wait for enemies to be stunned, blinded or disabled by your teammates then use your ultimate skill and see how their health bars go out quickly.

Those two builds is what I currently use but I'm sure there are more better combinations. With the item build above I have a 65% win rate. I have also managed to become MVP 5 times in a row. The best thing with this hero is that he can be a really valuable support. He's like the reverse of Rafaela - instead of healing teammates, he deals huge extra damage to enemies at once.

Anyway, that's all I have for Yi Sun-Shin build guide Mobile Legends at the moment but no doubt I will discover more effective item combinations in the future.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Talking Tom Gold Run cheats

My Talking Tom Gold Run, an endless runner Temple Run-style mobile game for kids is probably one of the best of its kind out there. It features good graphics, smooth gameplay and animation.
Talking Tom Gold Run cheats.

In the game, you play as Tom or Angela or my personal favorite Hank the cutest puppy. Your goal is to run as much distance as possible while picking up gold bars along the way and avoiding a variety of obstacles. From time to time, you will pick up power ups that you can use to your advantage.


It has a fast paced gameplay paired with a giddy music that will keep you from getting bored easily. It's addicting enough that I managed to play over an hour straight the first time I played it. As I mentioned, the graphics are great and the animation is better than others in the same game genre. Plus the controls are responsive though if you play while connected to WiFi you may experience some lagging because of the pop-up ads in it. So just go airplane mode when playing this game.

Overall, I rate this game a solid 5 gold bars out of 5. It's a fun app for all ages.

If you ever need a Talking Tom Gold Run cheats which lets players get dynamites, gold and diamonds just head over to the video below and ask there in the video's comments.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Cash Me Outside The Game Trending Now

Cash Me Outside has been trending for a while now on every social media platform so why not make a game based on it? Gold Coast Apps did just that and their game is gaining so much traction right now.

Cash Me Outside The Game walkthrough.
In the game you play as the girl with attitude that needs to collect as much wads of cash as possible by leaping shifting platforms. Though it may sound so simple it is actually pretty hard. Like Flappy Bird kind of hard.

As per the game's graphics concern, the visuals are neat enough which is in 3D so it is not hard to look at. The animation runs smooth though occasionally you may find some glitches particularly at the edges of the platforms.

Overall it's a simple game with intermediate difficulty that is perfect for those who likes to try their reflexes. If you need to see the game in action just go ahead and watch the Cash Me Outside The Game walkthrough below:

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kids Emergency Doctor Tabtale app walkthrough

Kids Emergency Doctor is another new pretend game for kids developed by Tabtale for both Android and iOS devices. This game is made for the young and those who just want to play doctor.
Kids Emergency Doctor app walkthrough.

The game features colorfull graphics and smooth animation just as what is expected from a Tabtale app. The artwork is decent enough to be not hard to look upon and the overall audio including voice acting is quite impressive from a technical view. As per the gameplay, it offers little to no difficulty as I mentioned earlier that it is a game for kids and kids does not like difficult games.

My overall rating for this game is a solid 5 out of 5 superb app for kids. If you want to see this game in action you may check out the Kids Emergency Doctor app walkthrough below.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Mobile Legends Bang Bang cheats enable players to exploit the game

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is probably one of the most popular and most played online game in mobile these days. With thousands of new downloads everyday, it's showing no sign of going out of the trending apps page.
Mobile Legends cheats

The game boasts a balanced 5 vs 5 Dota 2 and/or League Of Legends style gameplay with decent graphics, a variety of characters class and several game modes including a brawl, ranked game and custom made matches. It was all fun and games until some people started using hacks in order to gain advantage over other players.

Reports from players says that cheaters in the game uses third party software to find and exploit security loopholes in the game enabling them to tweak their characters to gain unusual abilities including but not limited to; invulnerability, one-hit kill skill and even the ability to acquire diamonds and battle points at will.

I did some searching and found out that the said software can be found easily via google although many of them also carried with them some malicious software that may endanger your devices in terms of security and stability. So I suggest that if you're thinking of cheating the MLBB please do think twice before downloading any third party apps from the internet.

In social networks, there are also groups dedicated to spreading hacks for MLBB. It's sad to think that these people gains all the advantages in the game by ultimately ruining the game for everyone else that plays it fair and honest. In other words, Mobile Legends cheats/hack is so not cool.