Saturday, June 6, 2015

Radical Rappelling Android / iOS App walkthrough

Halbrick Studios, the creator of the hit mobile games Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride are back with a brand new one-button arcade game that will keep you entertain for hours. It's called Radical Rappelling it's a game where you take control of a character whose only goal is to rappel down a seemingly endless face of a cliff.
Radical Rappelling Android iOs app walkthrough.

Feel the rush and hold on tight as you make your way down mountains while avoiding obstacles that should have never been there. But it's okay to have unexpected obstacles just as long as there are stuff too that can make you pull off death-defying tricks, right? That said, there are launch pads, rocket power ups and some stuff that enables you to ride rainbows! Sounds fun and trippy!

If you like to play for goals, then this game is still best for you. Rack up coins and complete missions to unlock sweet new gear for Rip and Roxy (the characters). The rest of this game's features are listed below:

Choose your favourite rappeller, each with unique quests and collectibles!
Raise the bar with a huge range of heart-stopping tricks and epic maneuvers!
Roll the Randomizer to equip game-changing power-ups like Recoil Boots and Revives!
Chain tricks and maintain momentum to fill the Remix Bar and become invincible!
Compete against friends to cement your spot as the craziest thrill-seeker on the planet!

While this game is free to download and play, it contains optional in-app purchases. If you want to see if you would like this game you may watch the Radical Rappelling walkthrough which demonstrates its actual gameplay.

You Must Build A Boat App Walkthrough - Android / iOS

You Must Build A Boat is probably one of those match 3 arcade game that you need on your mobile right now. It's basically the sequel to the award winning 10000000 from the same developer.

You Must Build A Boat walkthrough

According to popular gaming centered websites, this game is so much fun and addicting that it makes the original game feel like a demo. The mechanics of the game is pretty simple: build a boat and sail the world. Since you have to build it first in order to sail, you have to recruit a crew. Other features of this game are listed below:

Match as fast as you can to keep on running

Turn Monsters to your cause to get bonuses and have them aid your in battle

Use magic to aid your quests, and don’t forget to visit your onboard Arcanery to upgrade them

With procedural dungeons and random Dungeon Modifiers, It’s never the same experience twice

Upgrade your tiles, Quaff Potions and Pray for Modifiers to whatever fits your play style best

How fast can you build your boat?

This game can be downloaded from Play Store and App Store and is also on Steam. To see if you would like this game here is You Must Build A Boat walkthrough demonstrating actual gameplay.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Word Academy Hints and answers

Word Academy is one of the best word puzzle game for mobile that I've played this month. It's kind of unique, challenging but really addicting game that keeps me entertained for long hours. It's one of those perfect games on your phone to pass up time.
Word Academy Hints and Answers.

Like other puzzle games however, this game can be really challenging especially when you get to the 4x4 and 5x5 levels. That said, it gets frustrating when you get stuck at some point of it for very long. You have hints points that you can use but it's only limited and if you want more, you will have to purchase it using real money.

To get the most of this limited hints this is what I do: I only use a hint when I'm really stuck. Most often in earlier levels, I only needed one letter to be revealed then from there I can manage to make out the correct word. But in 4x4 levels I use as much as 2 to 3 hints when I get stuck and in some really difficult ones I used up to 5 hint points.

The thing is, if you use 3 hints - first letter revealed for each word - chances are you will be able to make out the correct words unless that word is something you are not familiar with. It happens. At least to me.

That's pretty much sums the hint I am trying to convey to you. As for the Word Academy answers and cheats, you can find them below but I advise you to only use it when you are really stuck.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Slang For Money Answers | 94% Percent Game Cheats

Are you looking for all the 94% Percent game level Slang for money solutions? Well, this zombie has got you covered. For those who are not familiar with the game, it's one of most simple yet challenging mobile game out there. And it is in fact has become one of my favorite quiz game to pass the time.

Slang for Money Answers 94% Percent cheatsThe game gives you a phrase of category and you must key in the correct words that falls under the given category. For example, the category is "A box of...", you should type in all the name of the things that people usually put in a box until you get to 94% score. If you do that, you win and you will pass on to the next level where a new category or phrase will be ask.

Now for the walkthrough, I will just list straight up all of answers for everyone to see.


Yeah, I know, it took me quite some time to figure out all of them but thanks to some of my friends who knows more things than me. That's all and I hope that these 94% percent Slang For Money answers will help you out just like it did to me.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mortal Kombat X Cheats for Iphone and Android

Mortal Kombat X has finally been released to Android just days ago and so far so good. It has not been getting a lot of downloads like it did on app store though. Anyway, what we have here today is something interesting. We found a glitch.
Mortal Kombat X cheats iphone and android

It's the kind of glitch you can exploit to get free items such as characters, support cards, souls and kons in the game. You know that 'test your luck' thing every time you log in to the game? That's where the loophole is.

Apparently, when you log in with your WBPlay account, you get to test your luck and receive a random prize. This was supposed to be once per day only but it is not the case. If you go back to the WBPlay log in screen and re-enter your email and password and login again, you will get to test your luck again. In fact, you can do this many times over until you are satisfied.

To get a better idea of what we will call Mortal Kombat X cheat for mobile, you should probably check out the tutorial below.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

94% Percent A Dangerous Job Answers

Welcome to 94% Game A Dangerous Job Answers, solutions and cheats guide. The information you will find on this page is applicable for Android, iPhone and Windows phoness. 94 Percent is one the most popular puzzle game app developed by Scimob that has got many players scratching their heads because of its challenging levels.

94% Percent A Dangerous Job Answers
We assume that you are stuck on it particularly in the level mentioned above and you are here searching for answers. Good for you because we got you covered.

Below is the list of words that you are looking for.

-Lion Tamer

If you find our 94% Percent A Dangerous Job answers to helpful please consider leaving a comment. There are many levels in this game and the solutions we have above is only for one of them.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

94 % Percent iphone / ipad game cheats and answers

94% Percent is another new interesting word game from scimob for iphone and ipad. It's an app that sharpens the player's mind and can keep you thinking for long hours. The mechanic is simple: in each level the game will give you a category - a phrase or word and you will have to guess what words that falls under that category.
94 Cheats

I know that it might sound really simple but it actually gets difficult and tricky. There is a hint system if ever you get stuck at some point but it costs coins so you are limited. The levels are randomly generated for each player. That means your level 1 might not be my level 1 in my device.

You may also share and compare to your friends on FB who also plays the game. But you can always choose to spend real cash to buy more coins so you get more hints. Or you can just stay on this page and see all the 94% Percent cheats and answers below.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Decision 3 Walkthrough: Finding storehouses, shelters and inspectors.

Decision 3 is by far one of the best zombie shooter flash game of the year 2014. It's a top down shooter mixed with micro management role playing game developed by FlyAnvil. In fact it is hailed as the best action game of 2014 by Armor Games. But enough of rambling about how awesome the game is. Let's talk about some tips and tricks.
Decision 3 Walkthrough: Storehouses, Shelters and Inspectors

I assume you've already played or currently playing this game but have not yet finished the story or accomplished everything that needs to be done. In the past, I wrote a post on where to find important stuff in Decision 2. Today's post is just about the same: It's about finding the important storehouses, shelters and inspectors.

In each area, there's at least one shelter. These shelters are vital to keep defend the area. It is where you keep your team of survivors. There's also storehouses which is where you store materials needed to build and upgrade defenses. Most important are the inspectors. They are the special type of survivors which will enable you access to certain skills and weapons. There are 6 inspectors to be found throughout the city. All of these storehouses, shelters and inspectors location can sometimes be difficult to find so here is Decision 3 Walkthrough which shows where you to find these important stuff in the game.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Zombies On A Plane Android / iOS App Walkthrough

Zombie On A Plane is another excellent escape game and again it's from non other than Amphibious Developers. The same people behind some of the most popular titles in the 'escape' genre. So what's all hype in this new zombie escape game? Well, it features good graphics which is very essential so that players can easily recognize items. Good graphics is one factor that makes or breaks an escape game. You won't be able to figure out how to use an item in the game if you can't even recognize what it is due to bad visuals, right?
Zombies On A Plane Android App Walkthrough

The game also brings a new twist to the genre. There are times in the game where you are about to get eaten by the dead and you have to take the right action or you'll get killed. That adds up some action to the gameplay and it's kind of cool in my opinion although it could use some improvements in the animation part. The scenes where zombies getting killed looks a bit off.

Anyway, the game is decent in terms of puzzle difficulty and overall gameplay as a room-escape game. Did I mention it's really, really challenging? Chances are you will get stuck at some point of it sooner or later. But don't worry, I got your back for I have here Zombies On A Plane Android / iOS walkthrough which shows us the entire solution.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dictator Outbreak Best Strategy, Tips, Tricks and cheats

In case you missed it, Dictator Outbreak is a new strategy and management simulation game for iphone and ipad. The player plays as the dictator of a fledgling democratic republic.

While your role as the sole supreme leader of the nation sounds great, many others will try to replace you. What you do, of course, is punish those treacherous enemies while praising those who do you good.

But you already know that so instead of babbling about what's obvious, I will give useful hints and tips that when you implemented it on your game, you will see great results.
Dictator Outbreak Strategy Tips Tricks and cheats

Here's our question that needs answering: How to make more money in Dictator Outbreak game?

Well, one efficient way of earning money in this game is by having at least one faction to over 10 stars. You may ask 'why'. This approach is good because for every star that you get above the tens you will receive a bonus 20,000 dollars per turn. You see it now? That's right. If you can manage and keep more factions over tens, you will have enough money to run the country for the rest of your life.

Now how do we exactly do that? Good question! First you should pick a faction. Any faction will do. That one single faction will be your focus so select it for a decision first. Choose the option that will increase your rating within that faction.

In the next turn, choose another faction other than the faction you choose to reach 10 stars. Any other faction will do and make the decision against the first faction. This will increase your popularity by 1 or more within your priority faction.

You just have to focus on the faction you intend to max out by making a decision and choosing the most favorable action to it. If done right, money will flow into your bank.

There's a little risk with this strategy though. You must never let any other factions go below 3 stars for two turns or you risk a revolution. To avoid such bloody revolutions, you must make decisions favorable to your other factions once in a while. Just enough to keep them at bay which means keeping them 3 stars and above.

That's one efficient way to make more money in Dictator Outbreak and the other ways include cheating using third party application which I do not advise at the moment for we have not laid hands on such apps so far. Until we do, this strategy to make more money in the game is the closest to a working Dictator Outbreak cheats that all of us can use without risk whatsoever.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crossy Road App Cheats

Crossy Road is a new kind of 'avoid the obstacles' game for mobile.  It's basically the evolved version of the pixelated game from years ago called "Frog Crossing The Street". It's graphics are now in 3D all crispy and smooth of edges and animation. This game by the way, is made by Hipster Whale and is currently available for free download via iTunes and Play Store.
Crossy Road App Cheats.

But then again, that information is not what you came here for. I am one hundred percent sure you are here searching for something that will enable you to get ahead of the game. Something that can be called a cheat of some sort. Perhaps, something that will give you unlimited in-game money so you will be able to buy all the characters in the game.

Well, let me tell you that it can be done in a variety of ways like hacking your device manually or through a third party application such as Freedom or GameGem. Or try the easiest way which is by getting your hands on a modded version of the apk itself.

Since getting the mod version is easier than using a third party app, that's is what I would choose. Although this only works for Android users. You can do just that by looking up for the mod version using Google, download it and install to you device. I cannot provide DL links here because I am not allowed to do that but I know that with the information I just shared you will be able to figure it out by yourselves and get the Crossy Road cheats working for you in no time.