Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Can You Escape Tower Level 16 Walkthrough

Can You Escape Tower level 16 is written below this line and it reveals the step by step solution in order to beat said level of the game. Please only refer to this guide if you are truly stuck in the game and have already given up all hopes.

CYET written guide for sixteenth level.
Pick up the spear on the floor.
Pull the broken sword shoved into the wall.
Examine the pile of rubble beneath the wall and pick up a piece of wire.
Go to the door and take the earring of the orc's face.
Zoom back out and go to the stream of water at the right side of the room.
Use the broken sword on the tied rope to get it then combine the rope and spear then the earing then the piece of wire to create a makeshift fishing rod and line.
Use the makeshift fishing rod on the fish to get it.
Zoom back out and go to the wall where you can see closely the foot of a beast poking out of a hole on the wall.
Give the fish to it's paws and wait till gives out the key. Take the key.
Now go to the circular vault at the center of the floor and arrange its blocks as shown in the picture below.
Can You Escape Tower Level 16 walkthrough
Tap on the box and use the key from your inventory to open it. Take the silver cup from it. Fill it with water from the stream and finally, pour its content into the mouth of the orc face mounted on the door.

Congratulations! You have now completed Can You Escape Tower Level 16 walkthrough.

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