Thursday, February 20, 2014

Feed Us Pirates Cheats

Feed Us Pirates is yet another edition of monster piranha fish that wreaks havoc to everyone. This time, it's the pirates who is bound to fall victims of the monster's sharp teeth. This game is brought to the web by pyrozen and it has many versions actually and this one is just the newest of them all.

Anyways, chances are already a fan of this game and all you want now are some cheats you can use to get more fun from it, am I right? Well, you're in luck because what I got here are just exactly what you need. I listed below all the codes that you use in the game whether for just fun or to make progress quicker.

Feed Us Pirates cheats.TINY - make your main piranha very small.
MASSIVE - Very large piranha.
EPICJUMP - Jump higher.
DEADARMY - Human skeleton mode.
BEAST - Invincible.
APPETITE - twice more floating meat.
HARDFISH - Classic seeds are invincible.
TRAVEL -Unlock fast travel in pause menu.
SLOWCOW -  enemies go slow.
WARNING - Warnings are deactivated.
WAR - Every human throw spears at you.
PEACE - humans does not throw spears.

Note that you have to go to the career menu and then click the 'extras' and from there you may enter Feed Us Pirates cheats I listed above.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Can You Escape 3D Walkthrough

Can You Escape 3D is a new take on the point and click puzzle game on the android. It's still the same mechanics like in any other room-escape games but this game takes it in three dimensional view. The game is moderately challenging if you ask me so I won't be surprised if many gets stuck on some part of it.

I took the time to write down a guide which I hope will help you out in making progress with your game. Below this line is the walkthrough filled with spoilers so proceed at your own risk.

Level 1
Pick up scissors on the table.
Use the scissors on the pillow on the chair and obtain the key from it.
Look around the right and find the hammer inside the cabinet.
Use the hammer to break the vase on the table and get the key-card from it.
Use the key-card on the door's panel to open it.
Can You Escape 3D walkthrough.
Level 2.
Inspect the table between to chairs on the right and pick up the yellow key on the table.
Use the key to open the locker and get the crowbar from it.
Use the crowbar to break open the crate to get screwdriver.
Use the screwdriver to unscrew the air ventilation and get the silver key from it.
Use the key to open the door on the right near the chairs and get the step ladder from it.
Use the ladder just below the open ceiling to get the blue key-card.
Use the key-card on the door and advance to the next room.

Level 3.
Inspect the bed and open the small box on it to find the magnet.
Use the magnet under the bed to get a hair pin.
To the left of the room you will find a big cabinet. Use the hairpin on its keyhole to obtain the remote control
To right of the room you will see the television. Use the remote control to switch on the TV and the numbers 521 will be displayed on the screen.
At the foot of the bed tap on the left most part and enter the numbers 521 to get key-card.

Level 4.
Get the crowbar under the small square table.
Use the crowbar on the green board to reveal the hammer.
Use the hammer to break the glass of the emergency kit mount on the right wall and get the axe from it.
Use the axe on the podium to break open its side and get the key-card.

Level 5.
At the bottom of the post near the cows, you will find a big scissor.
Use it to cut the rope around the neck of one of the cows.
Use the rope to open the cellar door and get pitchfork.
Use it to drag one of the haystack to find a hammer behind it.
Use the hammer to break bottle lying on the floor and get the key.
Use the key to open the door.

Level 6
Above the fireplace, you will find a screwdriver.
Use it to unscrew the enclosure of the panel on the wall beside the bed and get the corkscrew.
Use the corkscrew to open a the green bottle and get a glass of liquid.
Use the glass to put off the fire in the fireplace and pick up the yellow key from it.
Use the key to open the drawer beneath the oval mirror and get the access card.

Level 7.
Inspect the area below the bed and pick up the red can opener.
Use the can opener to open the can on the window and get a battery cell.
Put the battery into the cuckoo clock and obtain a square battery.
Use it on the smartphone found on the bed to reveal the three digit code: 453.
Use the code to open the suitcase lying on the floor and get a razor blade from it.
Use the blade to slit open the pillow on the bed and get the blue access card which opens the left door.

Level 8.
Inspect the floor near the oven and swipe out the magazine to find key.
Use the key to open one of the drawers at the right area of the room and get the gas lighter from it.
Use the gas lighter to light the oven and you get the flame.
Go to the left part of the kitchen counter near the poster and use the flame to melt the ice and get the knife.
Use the knife to slice butter and get access card.

Level 9.
Look around and find the step ladder underneath the wooden table.
Put the ladder near the stack of tires to reach the red tool box above. Open it and get the jack.
Jack up the car near the rear tire to lift it and get box cutter.
Use the cutter on the box lying on the wooden table and get the yellow key.
Use the yellow key to open the trunk of the car where you will find the garage door's remote control.
Go through the garage door and you're out.

Level 10.
Inspect the hood of the car and pick the welding torch.
Use it on the iron bars on the wall to make a crowbar.
Use the crowbar to slid open the manhole lid on the floor and get the magnet from it.
Use the magnet on the red drum/barrel to get grey key.
Use the key to open the cabinet then collect the car remote inside it.
Open the car's door using the remote then pick up the access card. Use it to open the door near the manhole.

Level 11.
Open one of the compartments on the table underneath the wall portraits and collect the blue power cable.
Plug the power cable on to the outlet on the wall beside the TV.
Collect the CD lying on the hanging bookshelf.
Look around to the right to find the green, blue and green switches on the wall. Press all of them.
Put the CD into the player under the TV. The screen will say 'insert code'.
Find the code on the magazines cluttered on the table. The code is 7245.
Inspect the sofa and shove the right most pillow aside to find the remote control. Use the number on it.
The TV screen now displays the final clue. Now go to the door and enter 753 to open it.

Level 12.
Inspect the TV set to find a knife.
Cut open the turkey on the dining table to get power cable.
Use power cable on the microwave oven then drag the butter inside it to melt and reveal the yellow key.
Use the key to open cabinet/fridge on the right then collect the screwdriver inside it.
Unscrew the enclosure of the vent beneath the window then pick up the access card from it.
Use access card to open the door and the game is complete.

If you find this guide helpful, I urge you to share it with your friends. All stages covered in this Can You Escape 3D walkthrough are for the Mansion level only and the Horror House guide will be written in another post.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Let's Escape Level 14 Walkthrough and Cheats

As promised, here is my written solution for level 14 of Let's Escape app for android from mobest media. This level is more difficult to beat than the one before it so I figured that more players will get stuck here. Fortunately, I figured it out thanks to my years of enthusiasm in escape games.

Let's proceed:

Tap on the grill work bench/table (?) on the left where a piece of clothing hangs. Inspect the right part and click on it to obtain a piece of metal bar.

Let's Escape Level 14 walkthrough.
Go to the bird cage and use the metal bar to get the key. Use that key to open one of the drawers.
Get the scissors from drawer you just opened and use it to cut a piece of fabric from the cloth.
Use the piece of fabric on the cactus then check the cactus' shadow casted on the floor to find a 3 digit code.

Use the code to open the bottom drawer and get the plant from inside that drawer.
Go to the plant located in the right corner of the room just right of the door and get a black piece of paper from its pot.
Use the paper on the flower base atop the drawers to wash it and reveal hints.
Put the plant from your inventory beside the cactus plant then obtain the key from the red flower.

Use the key to open the bird cage and get the wooden handle from it.
Go to the drawer then on to its left side to go to the secret wall compartment. Use the wooden handle to open it.
Tap on each drawing to change their colors to this order: cup=blue, bird=green, heart=yellow, star=violet.
Get the the final key from it and use it to open the door and complete the game.
Let's Escape Level 14

That ends our Let's Escape level 14 walkthrough solution which is sure to help you make progress in your game.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Let's Escape App Level 13 Walkthrough Cheats

Are you stuck in level 13 of Let's Escape app from mobest media? You are lucky I was bored and I kind of just want to share how I completed this level of the game. Without further ado, here is a written guide that I hope will be of any help for those who are having difficulties solving it.

Inspect the bed and get the handle piece of cutter from under the left pillow.
check the drawer on the dresser/mirror and get from one of the drawers the blade of cutter.
Go back to the bed and click on the right pillow to lift it. Use the cutter from your inventory to cut the lump on the bed and get the key from it.
Use the key to open the drawer of the bedside table where the lamp is. pick up the bulb from it.
Put the bulb on the lamp and press the button in this order: yellow, red, yellow, yellow,  red, yellow, red, red and key will appear at the base of the lamp.
Use the key to open the wardrobe/cabinet. Count the sides of each shapes of the hangers and use it as the number code on the bottom drawer of the lamp table. The code is 4163.

Let's Escape level 13 walkthrough cheats.
Get the red chisel from the bottom drawer you just opened and go back to the wardrobe/cabinet. Click on the bottom-middle part of the cabinet's wall inside and use the chisel on it to reveal a secret panel.

Let's Escape Level 13
The clue to solving this puzzle is in the checkered painting above the bed when viewed through the mirror (see photo above).
If you successfully opened the secret compartment, you'll get the last key which opens the door to the next room.

That concludes our Let's Escape Level 13 walkthrough solution while the written guide for level 14 will be covered in another post so stay tuned.