Saturday, January 25, 2014

Flappy Bird Iphone and Android Cheat

Having fun and getting frustrated at the same time is what Flappy Bird do to its players. Who would have thought that avoiding green Mario pipes is super fun and challenging? Well, the developer of this app is a genius to know just that. Giving people just one simple challenge and that is to get high scores by precision tapping on your device. By the way, this game that was first launched on itunes is also now available on Play store so android game would also enjoy the flapping challenge.

Anyways, you might be wondering if there is a way to cheat on this game, right? But what sort of sorcery would be needed in order to get pass your friend's highscore of 10 (lol)? Well, there is this one glitch that others exploited in the game in order to achieve a hundred or even thousands of a score. Rumors has it that if fly high all the way to the top quickly enough then stop flapping and drop straight down almost to the ground, the glitch will be activated which will let you go through the pipes without getting killed.
Flappy Bird cheat.

I have tried this method but I think it is not working for me or maybe I just have the updated version of the game which has already fixed the glitch. To sum up what steps I did:
-fly high all the way to the top of the screen
-fall down to the point that the bird is about to hit the ground then flap back up to the middle area of the screen.

If you are going to try this Flappy Bird cheat to see if it works for you, please let us know the results by leaving a comment.


  1. doing this makes it so that the pipes are all consistent with where the gap is so one gap wont be way at the top and the next one wont be at the bottom. the gaps stay in the middle. you can't fly into a pipe and go straight through it.