Friday, September 20, 2013

Zombo Buster Strategy Walkthrough

Zombo Buster is new strategy defense game from Firebeast. It has zombies in it and a lot of action which often involves a explosions, lightning, lasers and automatic rapid firing projectiles. Your goal in this game is to prevent incomng horde of zombies coming from the right trying get into the doors on the left. As you go further, you will encounter much more stronger and stubborn zombies that you will find difficult to repel. That is if you are not implementing the right strategies and unit management.

Zombo Buster Strategy WalkthroughThis game though has some serious balance issue between damage you can dealt and the hit points of zombies. As a result, as of now the only good combinations of unit that is capable of successfully beating all levels with a three ruby ratings is the one I demonstrated in the Zombo Buster Strategy walkthrough below. In the video you will see that I only needed one type of unit which is the bombarder soldier. Build as many bombarders as possible early on then start upgrading the first two to chief stun then the the remaining one becomes chief repulsor.

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