Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kingdom of Liars 3 Walkthrough

Kingdom of Liars 3 walkthrough.Kingdom of Liars 3 is a point and click adventure puzzle game from hyptosis in newgrounds. This game picks up from where the last episode left off. The mysteries continue to stack up as you, the hero of the game advances in the rans of the Hernessian guard. Apparently, there's a new threat upon the Elks and they require your wits at solving mysteries.

This game does not only have a really good artwork design but it also has some reall nice interesting story to tell that will leave you intrigue about the events that might take place in the next episode. However, it is also quite a challenging one, or at least to me. It took me some 45 minutes to finally complete it hence the Kingdom of Liars 3 walkthrough I made myself below.

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