Friday, September 20, 2013

Zombo Buster Strategy Walkthrough

Zombo Buster is new strategy defense game from Firebeast. It has zombies in it and a lot of action which often involves a explosions, lightning, lasers and automatic rapid firing projectiles. Your goal in this game is to prevent incomng horde of zombies coming from the right trying get into the doors on the left. As you go further, you will encounter much more stronger and stubborn zombies that you will find difficult to repel. That is if you are not implementing the right strategies and unit management.

Zombo Buster Strategy WalkthroughThis game though has some serious balance issue between damage you can dealt and the hit points of zombies. As a result, as of now the only good combinations of unit that is capable of successfully beating all levels with a three ruby ratings is the one I demonstrated in the Zombo Buster Strategy walkthrough below. In the video you will see that I only needed one type of unit which is the bombarder soldier. Build as many bombarders as possible early on then start upgrading the first two to chief stun then the the remaining one becomes chief repulsor.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Kingdom of Liars 3 Walkthrough

Kingdom of Liars 3 walkthrough.Kingdom of Liars 3 is a point and click adventure puzzle game from hyptosis in newgrounds. This game picks up from where the last episode left off. The mysteries continue to stack up as you, the hero of the game advances in the rans of the Hernessian guard. Apparently, there's a new threat upon the Elks and they require your wits at solving mysteries.

This game does not only have a really good artwork design but it also has some reall nice interesting story to tell that will leave you intrigue about the events that might take place in the next episode. However, it is also quite a challenging one, or at least to me. It took me some 45 minutes to finally complete it hence the Kingdom of Liars 3 walkthrough I made myself below.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cookie Clicker Game Cheats

Cookie Clicker cheats.Cookie Clicker is a simple yet extremely addicting and fun little game from dashnet. The objective in the game is to bake, farm, manufacture, mine and create cookies by all means. And by all means it means clicking. I, too,did not know that producing a virtual cookie can be a lot of fun. Starting off with just your own ability to click then adding some grandmas to help you bake then farms, factory and even an alchemy lab that turns gold into delicious cookies!

As I have already said, this game is fun as it is but if you still want to get ahead of it, you can try cheating it although me personally would not want to do that because it kinda kills the fun. Anyways, for the sake of science and geekery, let's just get this done and learn how to cheat in this game by following the instructions below:
1. Open the game using Chrome browser.
2. Right click then select Inspect Element.
3. Type in Game.Earn(1000000000000); then press enter.
To give you a clear idea of to get this Cookie Clicker cheats done watch my video below.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

House of Fear Escape Android App Walkthrough

House of Fear Escape is a dark scary puzzle game for android. It has some scare jumps so be cautious when you play this one. We don't want having heart attacks while procrastinating on our phone game. That's not very cool. Anyways, this game is not only scary at some parts but it can also present a decent and challenging gameplay specially the puzzles and riddles that you have solve.

That being said, let me help you get ahead of this game by giving you this guide laid out below.

House of Fear Escape walkthroughIn the first scene with two skeletons, pick up five items: one on th floor near the left skeleton, the chains tied into the hands of the left skeleton, the empty bottle, skull and bone. from the right skeleton, and the rope from the skeleton facing the ground. Use the first item to lock pick the keyhole on the door.

After that it would take me very long writing it so I will just demonstrate House of Fear Escape walkthrough via the video below.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D. Cheats

Mass Mayhem 2099 AD is the newest in the action platformer from gamesfree. This time, your objective has not been changed and that is to wreak havoc but this time, you have to do it in a time far into the future where cars float and people interacts with aliens.

Mass Mayhem 2099 AD cheats.You have a variety of weapons at your disposal as high tech as drones and satellite weapons system. You want explosions? Don't worry, your favorite rocket launcher and mines are still there for you. This game is not just a mindless shooting game, although you can do that, you have missions or objectives to meet if you want to feel a real futuristic villain that has a cause. Anyways, you're not here for all this ranting of mine about the game, you are here for the codes! This game is good, but sometimes we could use some MM2099A.D cheat codes like those listed below to make it even a better experience.

FACTORY - Spawns you in the factory.
CITY - Spawns you in the city.
ENROLL - Enters a mode where you fight against the military.
SPEED - Faster Speedster
TINY - Makes your character really small.
NOMAN - This will make the universe empty of living targets.
SATELLITE - This code unlocks the most powerful weapon: the killer satellite.
SPACE - Spawns your character in space.
The code above is to be typed in the extras menu that can be found at the game's home screen. If you don't know what I am talking about, refer to the Mass Mayhem 2099 A.D. cheats demonstration below.