Saturday, August 10, 2013

Red Road Rage cheats

Red Road Rage is another top down drive shoot game from pyrozen. In this game, you take the wheel of the car while Natalia shoots and her cook prepares zombie steaks for the survivors to feed. While that sounds gross, it is none of your concerns as the designated driver. You job is to drive and smash zombies, upgrade your vehicle and weapons and unlock all levels so you can better serve your purpose.

Driving around at full speed, drifting and smashing into baddies are all fun but sometimes you just want to experience max potential of your skills. You can by using the codes below:
LOCKNLOAD - No reload.
Red Road Rage cheats.
CAMINO - Won't let you run out of nitrous boost.
STAGES - Unlock all 25 stages.
BISTRO - You get 100 zombie steaks for free.
METAL - you get 25 metals.
BULLETTIME - Infinite ammo.
TANK -  Never run out of gas.
STEERING - Super power steering enables you to perform tight turns.
To use the Red Road Rage cheats you must go to extras menu and from there type in the codes (follow the demonstration below).

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