Sunday, August 4, 2013

Plumber Pickle walkthrough

Plumber Pickle is another point and click escape game from coolbuddy. This time it's about a plumber whose job to find the leak and escape. Nobody knows how escaping is a part of a plumber's job but who cares, it adds up to the challenge.

But since you are definitely going to have to think far outside the box on this one, chances are you'll have yourself stuck at some point of it. But if you would only stop thinking normal even for a few minutes, you will find the solutions. If all else fails then I have no choice but to give you the guide to completing this weird game.
Plumber Pickle walkthrough.

In the kitchen sink, pick up the following items: plate, pincers from drawer, soap from middle cabinet then use plunger on the sink to get brass key.
In the refrigerator scene, the freon can inside the freezer using the pincers. Get the bottle of beer inside the fridge and hamburger from the cabinet beside the fridge.
Go to the dining table scene and pick up the table cloth and the flower from the coat dangling on the chair.
Go to the door, get the woman's hat and vase.
Go back to the fridge and plug it to reveal a secret passage. Get in there. Click on the cart to see what's inside it and take the horn.
Go to the round wooden door and use the brass key to open it. Get inside and arrange the table cloth, bottle of beer, plate, hamburger and flower vase on the table.
Go back to the guy with the stop sign but he's gone now for lunch and that means you can now pass. Go to the purple tub and use soap on it. Get the snorkeling glasses from the creature.
Proceed to the sleeping goblin and wake him up using the horn. Give him the eye mask.
Go left to meet the female goblin. Give her the woman's hat. Pick up the hard hat, sprinkle bottle and cord.
Go back right and give the hard hat to the goblin then plug the cable to the electrical outlet. The leak has been fixed.
Go back to the door that is broken beyond repair. In your inventory, combine sprinkle bottle and freon can then use it on the door knob.

If you find hard to follow the written guide, here's Plumber Pickle walkthrough I recorded myself demonstrating how exactly to beat this game.

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