Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dooors Level 76, 77 and 78 Walkthrough

Dooors Level 76 is now up among other new levels which will have us players entertained again. The rules have not changed. Break out of the rooms by solving brain teasing puzzles and riddles in each of them. This app the defines what fun and challenging is.

Dooors Level 76 walkthrough:
When moving pipe that drops diamond nears the middle, tilt your phone slightly to the left so that the diamond will be caught by the basin at the center. Pick up the diamond then put in one of the wall slots on the left of the door (see the photo below to see where to put it).

Dooors Level 76 walkthrough.

Tap the door and proceed to the next puzzle.

Looking to cheat Doors Level 77 because you are stuck on it? Well, you have landed into the right page this side of the web. I have here the answers and solutions for that too, which will enable you to open these new tricky doors offered by this clever developer on both Android and iOS platform.

Dooors Level 77 walkthrough:
Select gun fro inventory then tap on the center light bulb. Then tap on each of the frames around the door until you form the star shape (see picture).

Dooors Level 77 walkthrough.
Once you have the star shape formed, you can now open door and proceed to next room.

Level 78 of Dooors app is quite more challenging than 76 and 77. But it is not impossible to solve. I know this because I passed the level myself. Okay, my friend solved it for me.

Here's Dooors Level 78 walkthrough:
Lift the each of the panels from the floor until you make something like in the picture below.
Dooors Level 78 walkthrough.
Do it just like that then open the door and proceed to level 79.

Conclusion: I have not yet come into a conclusion because of Dooors level 79 and 80 which will be posted tomorrow nevertheless.

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