Saturday, January 5, 2013

Where is 2013 Walkthrough

Where is 2013 is the question that this point and click puzzle game from pastel stories bear.. and it's also its title. Finding the year itself is the main objective in this game but how do you find a year especially if you have to search in a world where magnetic fields are shifting and electricity are malfunctioning. Maybe that is where you have to start, by finding necessary objects and putting them back where they should be.

Where is 2013 WalkthroughThe changing cursor will most likely guide all the way. You just have to keep watch on it. But this game can be tricky and one can get stuck easily. If the latter is your situation, you can always consult Where is 2013 walkthrough laid out below which will give you spoilers, hints and solution as to where to find all 10 marbles and finish the game altogether.

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