Sunday, December 30, 2012

Feed Us 4 Cheats

Feed Us 4 Xmas Xpension is a new arcade platformer from gamesfree. It's the icy version of their bloody series which features 10 new missions to accomplish. It also features even more flesh off the bone, a new plot and new map but with more dangerous obstacles to avoid to make your life as a piranha more difficult.

Devour everything in your path except the obvious hazards, grow big and strong to be the ultimate monsters fish. Anyways, if you are here searching for cheat codes that you can use to speed up your game's progress, well you are in luck because I just have what you are looking for.

The following are codes and their corresponding effect to the gameplay:
Feed Us 4 cheatsMEAT - get extra meat in the water.
BITE - enables you to eat victims in just one bite.
BLOOD - get 200 thousand liters of blood.
FISH - transform to monster fish.
CHAIN - invincibility.
BOOST - enables you to use boost anywhere at anytime.

All of these Feed Us 4 cheats can be entered on the menu after you finished first try or you get your first gameover.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Berzerk Ball 2 Walkthrough

Berzerk Ball 2 is a new launch game developed by berzerkstudio. Your goal is to launch the geek as far as you can and you win the game if you can get him to the goal distance.

If you are familiar with the original BB game, then I think you already know what to do. The mechanics is still very simple but a lot has changed from characters to the creeps and upgrades to more awesome gears.

Berzerk Ball 2 walkthroughOne strategy that worked for me best is hitting the geek with a perfect shot and before he hits the ground give him a hell raiser shot. In that way, you will get him farther thus giving you more xp and money for upgrades.

Meanwhile, I collect videos and stuff in the Berzerk Ball 2 walkthrough playlist below.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Band of Heroes Walkthrough

Band of Heroes is a top down shooter adventure game from irriysoft in which you control a group of warriors in pursuit of a precious cursed gem. The story begins with Josh, a lucky rouge who always finds his way to the most wanted treasures and artifacts. But this time he gets into troubles and will have to team up with a group of strange but skillful men and women to beat the evil forces.

Band of Heroes walkthrough

Meanwhile, here is a lengthy video of Band of Heroes walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay up to the game's ending.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats

Hobo 7: Heaven is the last episode in the epic saga of the homeless badass in the action brawler from armorgames. After defeating Satan in hell in the previous episode, Hobo is now on heaven to have an epic showdown with God himself. with new moves and combos, try and defeat all the angels and face your maker in the final stage.

Like all previous episodes, this one has some tricky enemies that makes your playing a little challenging. As you progress, you will face different types of enemies with different abilities so you better master your combos to counter their attacks. If you are stuck, you can use these Hobo 7 Heaven cheat codes that will enable you to skip levels.
Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats
DIVINE - go to checkpoint 1.
HEAVENLY - go to checkpoint 2.
ALMIGHTY - go checkpoint 3 (showdown with God).

Here is a video of me demonstrating Hobo 7 Heaven Passwords Cheats.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Snoring 2 Winter Edition Walkthrough

Snoring 2 winter Edition is another Christmas themed point and click physics based puzzle from alma games. Christmas is here, the snow is constantly falling from the sky and so as the snoring of the most sleepy elephant in the world that is driving everyone crazy. Fortunately, this sleepy elephant always sleeps on the edge where he can be easily knock down with a slight push.

Snoring 2 Winter Edition WalkthroughThe problem is how will you be able to push him off the edge. The answer is simple, other animals to make a chain reaction and get that elephant awake. Each animal has their different characteristics and abilities like for example; pigs can roll while zebras can jump. Use their abilities wisely and with the right timing you should be able to solve each level.

Meanwhile, here is Snoring 2 Winter Edition walkthrough showing how to beat all levels of the game.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Level 1 Answers Walkthrough

Here lies the answers to all questions in Icon Pop Quiz: Famous People Level 1. These types of apps are sprouting like mushrooms these days so to avoid confusing this as another game, let me tell you that I am talking about by alegrium. If you are not familiar with the game's mechanics, the app will show you an image and from that image you guess the correct name that corresponds to it.

Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Level 1 AnswersYou are most likely to be stuck on it right now that is why you are here searching for a cheat of some sort, right? Well, you are one lucky individual on the internet because Icon Pop Quiz Famous People Answers walkthrough for level 1 are shown down below.

Escape If You Can Walkthrough

Escape if You can is another one of those never ending room escape type of game but this time it's from Kaarel Kirsipuu. That developer's name is hard to pronounce but it doesn't matter because his app is quite entertaining like all the other 100 floors and doors games out there. Anyways, since the purpose of this posting is give walkthroughs, guide and stuff like that, I will do just that.

Escape if You Can walkthroughThere are 7 floors in this game as you may already know and to advance to the next floors, you must solve all puzzles subsequently. One will get stuck eventually and only the wittiest can proceed without having to look at this Escape if You Can walkthrough that shows all current levels answers.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

100 Doors 2013 Level 11 Walkthrough

Stuck on level 11 of the 100 Doors 2013 app by gipnetix games? Don't worry because the internet has always loved you in a way that it gives you answers if you would just search hard enough. Anyways, below you will find a written guide in which the solution is explained.

Please note that it is a straight forward solution that will not only let you solve the level but will also spoil the game so use it at your own risk.

100 Doors 2013 level 11 walkthrough:
100 Doors 2013 level 11 walkthroughYou will find the clues above the door and on the shapes on the wall. It wants you to count how many 90 degree angles in each shape on the right. And so it reads: 4, 2, 1, 3. Tap on the keypad and press those numbers.

Friday, December 7, 2012

100 Floors Seasons Christmas Tower level 2 walkthrough

Level 2 is just one of the 15 new stages of 100 Floors Seasons Christmas Tower app from tobi apps. Since we all hate spoilers in puzzle game, I figured that this blog should discussed each level individually so anyone who will land here will not be tempted to see the next level's answers. However, they are or will be covered in other posts within this site.

Remember to try your very best in solving puzzle games first before you give up and choose to use cheat, hints and/or tips. In any case, you are always free to use my blog as a bridge to the solutions you are trying to find.
100 Floors Seasons Christmas Tower level 2 walkthrough
Without further blah-blahs, here is 100 Floors Seasons Christmas Tower level 2 walkthrough demonstrating how to beat it.

Meanwhile, here are 100 Doors Christmas Tower all levels guide.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Flow Free Bridges 6x6 Walkthrough

Flow Free Bridges 6x6 board size of this challenging puzzle game is consist of many different levels. For other levels' solutions and answers, it will be covered in other posts on this blog.

All answers to classic levels included in 6x6 board size are laid out below.

As always, I suggest that you only look at this guide if you are sure that all else fails and you are indeed a hundred percent sure that you are stuck. Anyways, here is Flow Free Bridges 6x6 walkthrough demonstrating how to beat the game.

flow free bridges 6x6 walkthrough

Also see Flow Free Bridges answers for other board sizes.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lucky Tower 2 Walkthrough

Lucky Tower 2 is another new platformer adventure game from exotworking in armorgames. It is the second installment in the now LT series which follows the story of what happened with the hero Von Wanst before he ended up in the malevolent tower in the original game.

Anyways, since this page is meant to be discussing hints, tips, cheats and game guide, I will not be mentioning any more of the story.

Lucky Tower 2 walkthroughHowever, I would like to advise you to try again in beating the game on your own before you proceed with guide laid out below. But if you really need help now, here is a playlist of Lucky Tower 2 walkthrough demonstrating full gameplay from start to ending.

Monday, December 3, 2012

100 Floors Christmas Walkthrough

100 Floors Christmas is another escape game for the iphone from Tobi Apps. It is basically the Xmas version of the hit game 100Floors that was released recently.

Your goal is to solve puzzles that each level presents and advance to the next level where a new puzzle awaits you. There are a total of 15 holiday themed levels in this game and it gets more and more challenging as you progress.

100 Floors Christmas WalkthroughThis app has proved to be highly entertaining but also one notch higher in terms of difficulty because you have to consider all the functionality of your device when solving puzzles.

That means you don't just tap objects, sometimes you have to shake, tilt and swipe stuff in order to interact with the game. Meanwhile, laid out here is the 100 Floors Christmas walkthrough guide demonstrating solutions for all levels in the game.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

The Walking Dead Assault Walkthrough (iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch)

The Walking Dead Assault is a new top down strategy game for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. It's a strategy game set in The Walking Dead universe. It's currently on Episode 1: Days Gone Bye, so we can be pretty sure that more episodes will come out.

The story follows Rick waking up in the hospital, through Atlanta and ultimately to the horrific camp invasion that costs the survivors valuable allies. It features locations from the award winning comic series and the graphics look like a 3D comic book style that is pretty cool.
The Walking Dead: Assault walkthrough
Meanwhile, this page will be dedicated to The Walking Dead Assault walkthrough, guide, cheats, hints, tips, strategies and updates so expect this page to be updated as soon as new materials related to the app surfaces.