Sunday, October 7, 2012

Pocket Creatures PVP Emperors Tomb walkthrough

Pocket Creatures PVP is a point and click action adventure game from ntfusion. It's basically a shoot off version of the original game where player vs player is now introduced. There's still the story proper of the game in which you have to conquer all 6 areas consist of 4 stages each.

Build the strongest party of 5 creatures and be the best. You can challenge other players from around the world on PVP mode but only after you unlock the Emperors Tomb area.

Pocket Creatures PVP walkthrough.
The first four areas are relatively easy to beat so I don't think you will need a guide of some sort to complete them. Any set of second evolution monsters will beat the heck out of those first 4 areas. I am now currently working on Moon Castle area and so far I have only beaten 2 stages in it.

As I said, I have not finished playing this game yet but here is the first part of my Pocket Creatures PVP walkthrough demonstrating one way to beat the Emperors Tomb. 

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