Monday, September 17, 2012

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack is a point and click physics puzzle game at maxgames. The game features new levels in addition to its original set of stages. More levels means more zombies to exterminate which equates to more fun apparently. Yes, we all love to impale the undead because we cannot do it to our enemies, boss at job and in-laws (jk).

Back to the game: It has 30 levels, all of them are brand new. The physics is still as smooth as ever though it can be improved, I think. The difficulty is from easy to moderately challenging. The key to winning a level is to determine the sequence of your actions and time it perfectly depending on the moving objects in a specific level.

Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough.ZE may not be the game if you are looking for challenges but it's quite good if you just want to relax and, you know, impale some wacky looking zombies dressed is business attire. I was playing this at maxgames' website and encountered a glitch on level 11 where both of the icicles got stuck leaving no room for the axe to swing to get momentum and effectively hurl on that target on the left of the screen. But it turned out it was just a browser problem. I restarted the browser and everything went fine. Meanwhile, here is Zombie Exterminator Level Pack walkthrough demonstrating solution for each and every level of the game.

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