Monday, September 17, 2012

Rail Rush Review and Secret Levels Walkthrough

Rail Rush is Miniclip's new fast paced 3D game for the PC, iphone, ipad and Android devices. We all want to experience going through a mine full of mysteries and treasures but what's better than that is going to a mine in a speedy rail cart Indiana Jones style! This game will put your hand eye coordination in extreme test as the game picks up the pace. Avoid hitting obstacles by jumping, crouching, switching tracks and banking left and right while you get gold nuggets, gems and egg rocks conveniently hanging in the air.

Rail Rush Walkthrough.This game by far is the most intense and exciting rollercoaster game I played in my browser for quite some time. The graphics are good, excellent in fact. The musical scoring gets the player in the mood for adventure and challenge. The environment is astonishing in both visual and ambient sounds.

One problem I have though is when I am playing for quite a while on miniclip's website, it gets laggy that the controls becomes less responsive resulting in my premature doom (lols). But then again, the problem could be at my end, like my PC's graphics cannot hanndle the game or its a browser issue. Other than that minor issue, I really enjoyed it and spent a good hour and half playing it. Meanwhile, as per Rail Rush walkthrough, here are some footage from my own gameplay on my PC which reveals some secret levels in the game.

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