Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Orbox B Passwords and Walkthrough

Are you playing the challenging puzzle called Orbox B and experiencing the most difficult part of the game which is getting stuck and is now looking for passwords so can skip the current level you are in? Well, look no more, because just like you, I got stuck in there too and spent a good couple of hours before giving up and started searching for passwords. I listed them below and I also included a playlist of video that may help you guys in beating levels.

Orbox B passwords:

1: zzx112
2: tro412
3: gac721
4: kbr146
5: bod257
6: eca900
Orbox B Passwords and Walkthrough.7: wce293
8: fvz006
9: evy614
10: acc220
11: plp017
12: rfx345
13: vln619
14: hxi442
15: jma555
16: eeg028
17: uns368
18: nps912
19: tgb517
20: yan226
21: rat480
22: rbf294
23: ttf730
24: ydk629
25: qqk747
26: avs170
27: han211
28: kid668
29: ?
30: ?
Meanwhile, here is the walkthrough for Orbox B demonstrating how to complete all levels.

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