Sunday, September 9, 2012

100 Rooms Level 27 Walkthrough

100 Rooms Level 27 is one of the difficult ones included in the new set of levels for this Android puzzle. This one, had me scratching my head for quite a while but I managed to come up with a solution and solved it, with the help of the internet of course. But enough of the boring intro and let me write down the solution here.

First, go right, and look for the tool box. Tap on it and get the small key in there. Go back once and then left. Tap smaller door on the wall. Take out the key and use it to open the little door and you will have a mini puzzle game in it. This one can be a little tricky. The final arrangement of the picture should be like the image below.

100 Rooms Level 27.
After solving that puzzle, go back, then right and tap on the red button found on the wall. Make sure you hear the sound then go back and you will find a secret door has opened because of the red button. Pick up the disc sitting inside of it.

Go right again and tap on the window to pick up cutter tool. Go right and get electric cutter and chainsaw. Next, go right and use your cutter on the middle part of the wall to reveal exit door. Combine disc and electric cutter and use it on the door to break it open. Exit and you are done.

That, my friends, completes the walkthrough for 100 Rooms level 27 and you can now get to the next level. Related: check out walkthrough for level 26 and watch out for solutions for the next one.

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