Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gears and Guts Gameplay Walkthrough (Android App Review)

Glu recently released yet another fun free to play game called Gears and Guts. It's about driving around the street like crazy. No, it does not end there, you drive a car turned into killing machine. Equipped with automatic weapons, armors and impaling blades. So what are you gonna fight with a that kind of car, you ask? Zombies or maybe zombie robots. I'm not really sure what they are but they will try to kill you so you just have to come right at them first before they throw something at you.

If there is one thing that players should not complain about this Android app,  its the top notch graphics and visual effects it has. But having that level of graphics sometimes will give you some lags or a considerably long loading time. It may not be an issue for most players, though. It's the gameplay that you will be after this app and a ton of action happening in massive environments you will do have.

Gears and Guts Walkthrough.
The vehicles: Sports cars, armored and monster trucks are just some of the types that you will get to drive here. There are dozens of them which you can equip with different weapons. Unlock them when you earn points. If shooting gets boring, you can run them down or perform a fatal power slide for more points.

Meanwhile, check out the Gears & Guts gameplay walkthrough in this video review.

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