Friday, August 10, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough Part 3 by Vifer

Hello ladies, gentlemen and zombies! This is part 3 of my Decision 2 walkthrough showing gameplay of me basically trying to beat the game. I really love this post apocalyptic top down shooter game. In my previous post I've mistaken that jumping werewolf as a lizard man lolz. What? They are coming out of the sewers so I thought they must be subterranean evil creatures like a reptile man like in Spiderman. Also, its not easy to tell what they are when viewed from the top.

Anyways, enough of my excuses. What I have here is third part of my Decision 2 gameplay where I try to beat this game and so far this vid shows I survived through day 10 and fortunately I did not lose a city yet.

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