Sunday, August 5, 2012

Decision 2 Walkthrough by Vifer

Decision 2 is another top down zombie shooter thriller game from FlyAnvil. In this game, the player plays as a lone survivor of what seems to be the most horrific zombie apocalypse of all. You must take control of the cities by maintaining the danger level in a controllable state. Complete tasks to earn money and use them to upgrade your weapons and skills that can greatly affect how you fight the evil creatures.

In my opinion, the gameplay is by far one of the best in the top down shooter genre. The animation is neat enough to see details that you need to see. My personal favorites are when an enemy is taken aback and backflips when hit hard. Also those lizard men that jumps right at you can make you twitch a little bit.

Decision 2 walkthrough.One thing that I would want to change in this game is the reticle or cross hair. I think a simple cross is better and more precise especially when you are trying to get a head shot. Or maybe its just me whose being picky lol. I am playing this game right now and I will continue to post videos of my gameplay here. Meanwhile, My Decision 2 Walkthrough part 1 below is what I have so far (note: earlier parts are in 2x speed). I will try to upload more by tomorrow.
Update: Click Here for part 2.

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