Monday, July 30, 2012

Wasted Colony 2 Game Walkthrough

Wasted Colony 2 is a post zombie apocalyptic survival game from Small Farm. Your goal in the game is to defend the last safe-house while you guide a handful of survivors through the zombie apocalypse. Play the role of a leader and send out your settlers into the city to search for survivors and other resources needed to maintain your safe-house. You will also find information in the cities that may prove to be valuable in winning. You must find the cure to this outbreak but until that day you must repel zombies using traps and various weapons.

This game is played using the mouse, manage everything with clicks. The gameplay is divided to two parts, daytime and nighttime. At day you have to manage resources and during the nights you must protect your safe house from horrors.
Wasted Colony 2 Game Walkthrough.
If you need help, you can catch some useful tips and tricks in this Wasted Colony 2 walkthrough where some awesome player beats the game really good.

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