Thursday, October 13, 2011

The House scary game walkthrough

This game called The House is a very scary and creeping game.
This game is a breathtaking and suspense-thriller game that you can play on Jayisgames and pretty much every games portal around.

Although this game is  much older, but it is a a good fine point and click game.  

You will be surprised in every room that you enter. I was able to finish the game in 10 minutes.

The plot of the is: The occupants of the house was reported that suicided, all of them. And nobody ever enter that house. You are one of the courageous who will unlock the secret of the house. lolz.

 This game the house is not for the weak heart. I told you so. Enjoy the game this Halloween season. If you like this post you can subscribe. Or click +1.

If you got stuck, you can watch the video walkthrough, tips  and  hints from You tube.